Dia De Gracias

Buenas Tardes Familia,

I hope you all had a good week, if not, I want to hear whats up.

My week was fairly good here. Our progress was slowed this week. Our numbers are a little lower than I would like, but we move forward. Life goes on.

Nothing new in the world of our investigators. They seem to be doing well and pressing along slowly. But we stick with them every step of the way. A family that we are teaching is passing through a few family problems with rebelious children not having the best of grades, we gave them a comofrting talk, that I hope helped.

My testimony, faith, and ability to try to speak spanish is improving every week. What a blessing.

Sunday morning I was informed that I had a talk in Church. Golden. But I didnt fear, the Lord is on my side. I studied for an hour la obra misional. Wrote down a few things. And gave a talk. It turned out well. The spirit was conveyed. All was well.

Being that this coming week is Thanksgiving, which is not celebrated here in the slightest form, I am grateful for a lot of things.

I could list a bunch of worldly pointless cheesy things that I am thankful for, but there are three.
my family
my mission
my savior
Really I am so grateful for all of you. What a blessing you all are in my life. I am grateful you let me leave for two years. I am having the best experience a Human being is capable of having. I am grateful for the new found testimony I have of the infinite atonement He went through for me. What a blessing that through him we can live eternally together. How incredible it all is.

Thank you for your love.

I love you all with every fiber of my being.
Estoy muy agradecido para ustedes, mi familia eterna.
Con Amor
Elder Kasteler


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