My dear family, friends, and strangers.

I love reading your emails. I love hearing your stories, struggles, and bright spiritual moments. What a strength they are to me. I am undescribeably grateful for them. Feel free to continue sending them. I read every one with a smile.

As for this week, the work is moving along. Well in reality, it actually has been pretty slow this week. Not many doors were opened to us. Many members fell to their Peruvian ways. But all is still well. The work of the Lord cannot be frustrated. So neither can I.

We did two intercambiocitos this week. Elder Breas from Lima came one day, got sick, woke me up at three in the morning to ask if he could use my towel. So ya. Adventures of missionaries. He is still a little ill, and has been in bed for a few day. Poor kid. Also elder Bailey from Payson Utah came too. He has 6 less weeks than me. How crazy is it that two newbie white kids can leave together, and people understand our point. This is the work of the Lord. He is oh so heavily involved.

Speaking of the Language. I got to thinking this week. I dont know how I have gotten to where I am today. I have more than enough to go still, but seriously. There is no other situation in the world in which an 18 year old could possibly learn a language as I have, without the help and pressure of a mission. For this I am so grateful. I already look forward to the blessings this knowledge will bring in the future.

I love these people, I love this mission. I pray for you all every night, by name. Rely on these prayers.

I would humbily ask that you all put on a pause on the prayers in my direction. I am getting along fine and well. Please direct your prayers to the family of Jan Larsen. Her family deserves the blessings.

I love you all. Thank you for your support. What a blessing our little eternal family is.
Con amor,

Elder Kasteler


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