Cookies though.

Hello family, friends, highly esteemed colleagues, and cherished leaders of the association, I send my most gracious feelings of love and support in your regards.

This week was normal.

I got the package. roger.
So I could easily pick out my package from the rest because of Moms hand writing. Which my companion loves by the way. Oh the package was extremely appreciated. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich has been enjoyed, my allergies have become far less bothersome, and I have been enlightened on the importance of the Sacrament. Seriously though Dad, I dont know how to be grateful enough for this talk you sent, It was inspired. Thank you for the package. thank you for your love.

In regards to packages, check with the postal service about flat rate boxes. Other missionaries are getting packages for 25 dollars. they take longer, but they dont steal things, i think. I actually dont know. Also my companion is golden and so I wouldnt be upset if he found solace in an item or two in my package. But in all reality I love the packages oh so much. I am spoiled to have your suppport.

Some people like to not answer their doors. and kids love white kids.
This week was a little rough as we couldnt find anyone inside their homes. People open their doors when we contact, but they never let us in. rascals.

Also the kids here love me. they ask their moms what happened to my face, why I am white. or the best. What is that¿ Golden.

Elder Flowers is still de oro.
The atmosphere that exists in my companionship now is oh so appreciated. We joke around. Our study is incredibly uplifting. I feel equal in my duties and capabilities and that my work is appreciated. I am working hard. I am contacting double what I was before. My language is coming more naturally. I talk with people more as friends and not as obligatory numbers. And we listen to Brother Bear music. What more can I ask for?

Orlando Tineo now has the priesthood.
The father of the family that the Lord let me baptize was ordained to the office of a priest this sunday. What progress he is making.

Pday. Pday. Pday. Pday. Los mormones Pday Pday. (to the tune of Beat it by MJ)
So today was a good pday. I read some killer letters from you guys. I wrote this love song of a letter. And. I. Made. Cookies. My favorite sins. The Elders in our district greatly appreciated them. As did the Pension and her child. My prayers were answered because I honestly didnt know how they would turn out. Being everything I bought was in Spanish so I didnt know if it was the right stuff. Also they dont have chocolate chips here. So a crushed chocolate bar worked. Golden.

This week was good. I have a feeling that things are looking up, and as they say in Brother Bear, en marcha estoy. I am on my way. I have a ton to learn. I know the Lord has more for me to learn. My testimony grows everyday. I am finding the Lord putting the words into my mouth. This week I can truly testify of this. In all my actions I look for his guidance, the trick is learning to discern it. I am not forgetting you guys. I wake up every morning to you smiling faces. I love your letters. I love your support. I am uncomprehensibly grateful we are eternal. I know without a doubt we are. Continue in the paths you are following. The Lord will undoubedtly bless us.

I love you all,
Elder Kasteler


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