Hey kids.

White Kid in Peru.
with some white clothed friends

Meet the Tineo Farceque family…

The newest members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have the incredible opportunity to help this family in the waters of baptism this Friday. Oh what an incredible responsibility this is. The Lord has immense faith and trust in me for this. So yep, I have officially had my first baptism. And it feels so very good.

Also you may have noticed my companion has lost weight, and no longer is from Lima.

Meet Elder Flores.

Directly after finishing writing you guys last week, about not knowing if we had cambios or not, we got a call from the Assistants. Elder Ricapa had emergency cambio. We had to pack everything of his, and be in the office the next morning. Wow. I was shocked. As was Ricapa. He didnt believe them, and so he didnt pack. The next morning at a meeting we ran into the the Assitants who told us he had to be in the office in an hour. So we ran packed, said goodbye to members, and off we went.
We got to the office, he walked in. There was a mexican sitting waiting on the couch. And boom I gots myself a new 20 year old Elder Flores or in english Flowers. From Puebla, Mexico. 17 Months in the field. Trunkish

This goober is awesome. I dont have the stress of an overbearing condesending companion anymore. Elder Ricapa taught me so much, which I am very grateful for. But now I have a calm, oh so chillax, Elder Flores. The first day he wanted to go direclty out and talk to the members and leaders. We contacted, but unlike before, contacting now is for only a short period of time, much more effective. I love contacting now, it is no longer a burden. Also Flowers likes Lindsey Stirling ( a violinst from United States) and we talked about Six flags and all sorts of other stuff. He is so chill. I am not stressed hardly at all. But yet I still have a grand desire to improve and work hard. What a blessing.

In all seriousness, what a blessing it is to recieve this change.

Apart from this, a lot of other thigns happened this week. I hit four months away from home. Yay.

We had a Mini CCM which means the youth learned how to be missionaries from us, and we left and contacted with them. It was awesome. Yet somewhat disorganzied, nonetheless awesome.

Today for P day we had Hawaiian Pizza, I was able to buy stuff and actually see what there is, without my companion asking questions about every single thing I looked at. Elder Flores bought Monopoly… He is medio-trunky. It was on sale. We also chatted about life. He also is a goofy goober. In the middle of a crazy good study, oh how I have missed a good study session in who knows how long, we heard a plane fly over. He asked if I knew the distance between me and the plane. I thought he had some sound equation up his sleeve so I asked, no do you? He responded that the distance was 20 months. Ha giggle.

In reality, he is a little trunky. He is just really relaxed. He loves music. We listen to Phil Collins a lot. Oh it makes me miss Dad and movies like Brother Bear. My focus on the mission has wandered a little bit with this new comp. It is only a way for the Lord to see how I work to combat this wandering. So I will try my best.

This week was really really good. The mission is full of ups and downs. This week was an up.

No sight of a package with the Virgin yet. I am hoping I should get it tomorrow, or wednesday. But it may be difficult with the rest of the mission having cambios. Oh well. I am happy with what I got.

Thank you for all you guys write to me. I love reading your letters. They keep me going. I hope I can report more progress and growth this next week. But you can all go to sleep tonight knowing I am well. Also I am sorry for these all over the place letters with short responses. I try sometimes.

I am every day growing and changing. This gospel is amazing. The Lord is so heavily involved. I have much to learn with the help of His hand. I hope he blesses you as he has blessed me. I know he will. I know He is there. I know He knows everyone of you. With all He is and does, all we need to do is simply, follow Him.

Haga lo.

I love you all with every fiber of my being.
Elder Kasteler


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