Feliz Cumpleaños Tyson


So this week was normal. In my program of training, for the first 12 weeks, there are goals every week. This week my goal was to guide every aspect of our area, planning, teaching, and contacting. Which made this week brutal. I made so many mistakes and tried to laugh them off but my rascal companion made sure I was aware of them. That nuckle head. Haha but all is well in all seriousness.

After last weeks vomitting experience, I am doing much better. We had a meeting with an Area Authority (the equivalent of an Apostle in utah in fame) and President spoke and read a little bit of my letter to him about throwing up to 5 zones. Wow I am famous. He didnt say my name, but all those who knew the story immediately looked right at me. Ha.

Also news this week. We had intercambios, when my companion went to another area and I stayed here, with the other companion from the other area. My companion went to the other area with Elder Harper (the one with the Blog, who is killer amazing). Elder Harper has a little more than a year in the mission. He is also training. Which means his companion, Elder Bailey from Payson, Utah who has an impressive. 3. weeks. came to my area. Haha oh what a joy this was. What a confidence builder this was in all reality. I felt like I was leading this pobrecito in all things, yet I learned so much from him. We taught great, better than I do with Elder Ricapa, and it was awesome.

The rest of the week, was kind of eh. Even though this week we ended with some of the best numbers of the whole time I have been here. I still felt a little mas o menos about the week. But what is there for a small white child to do.

Also another fun experience, we did partial divisions. We couldnt really separate, but we took two young folk from the ward on Sunday and we went contacting. This week up until sunday we had 12 contacts. super bad. With these youngins we brought the total of the week up to 33. Elder Ricapa went with a 15 year old and I with a 12 year old. It was like me knocking doors with Tyson. I actually gained confidence from this experience too.

Speaking of the little red head.

Happy Birthday (today) Tyson!!!
We had pancakes this morning, which were good. We played soccer. And Throughout all I let everyone know that it is your birthday. I didnt forget. Happy birthday little dude. Sorry I cant really send you anything but I will tell you this. Continue in the search of the truth. I will give you a little hint though. The church of Jesus Christ de los santos de los ultimos dias is the truth. Spoiler. Read for the Strength of Youth often my friend. I think about my first first companion daily. Thank you for always sharing a room with me. You will always be one of my heros. I look forward to the day when I get back and see how much you have grown. I also want to remind you that it is not illegal to write me. I always respond. Tell me about you life. I want to listen. But for today. Feliz Cumpleaños amigo.

This week will be a good one, because Good weeks always follow iffy ones. I read your letters, stare at your pictures, and pray for you all daily. You give me more strength than I think you are capable of comprehending. I look up to you all. Even you Jackson.

Know that I know that this gospel is true. I havent quite yet gained a 100% satisfaction in every single aspect of the infinite Gospel, but I am looking. That is what life is about. A good old search to find the good stuff. Study of the best books. It all works out in the end. The good team always wins.

Pray for me and I will return the favor.

Love you all,
Elder Kasteler


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