Hey Kids, How is everyone doing? I expect that the Lord is blessing you all. This week has been great to hear from you all, your emails were greatly enriching. I especially love the picture from Jackson. Well done son.

The work is pressing along here. As far as spiritual experiences, I appolagize but I have nothing of excessive signifance to share… Every day is so spiritually uplifting, but due to my lack of memory inside my head, I cant remember a darn thing. But the week was good. We are teaching lots of families. We found a golden family last week Rosa and Manuel. We are pretty sure they are asisting another, totally opposite, church and just invite us to talk bible, but I love to feel of their spirit. They believe heavily in Christ and God. What a wonderful start.

Straight to the point, I still havent had a baptism. I can assure you this is not my main focus on my mission. But with the peer pressure of my homies, I want to be like them and say that I too have a baptism. We will see.

Now for the story of the week.

I woke up Friday morning with a little stomach ache. The day seemed normal. I had a normal breakfast, we were in an intercambio so I was with an Elder Mendoza in my area. I got back with my companion and felt a little bit under the weather. I asked if we could rest for a tiny bit before going out. So I laid in bed hoping to get better, then I was sound asleep.

Woke up, feeling iffy, nonetheless we went out. We went to the home of an old lady, who is so sweet, and just recently has been feeling sick, so we taught about preisthood blessings and gave her one…

Now the fun part. Directly after finishing the blessing, I was feeling so sick. I sat down and then grasping for a bucket that was on the floor…

I officially threw up in the house of a investigator. 

I think I get like a thousand mission points for that or something. I felt so bleh. We went home and long story short, I pretty much just rested the rest of the week, feeling like I was wasting time, but I didnt feel to well. You all know how I get sick rather easily but it usually passes quickly. I am feeling better and today was able to eat something more than Gatorade. Sweet.

I am doing well right now. And look forward to a great week this week.

Also I forgot, I had my first real interview with President this week. It was real. Let me just say he gets to the point. There is no messing around with him. Also had Chocolate Chip cookies courtesy of Hermana Williams. Blessed.

So here goes another week in the field. Wish me luck.

Love you all, pray for you daily.


Elder Kasteler


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