I held a Baby Duck & The Change de El Evangelio



Hello Everyone,

I sincerely hope that your week has been good. I hope you all have a good week ahead of you. Know that I pray for you success in all you do and have the best of hope that the Lord will bless you.

This week in the field against the devils kingdom, we did some good work. We made some impressive ground in the realm of contacts and numbers of people to teach. We made ground in bringing back the less actives from the so called spiritual sleep. I had the opportunity to have an intercambio with another white child who has only 6 more weeks than me. That was interesting. But only lasted for one appointment. But all is moving along with great success.

So far we got zeros in our progress reports… But the work goes on.

This week in matters of the fact I am still a living teenager, I tried a new fruit. Peruvian fruit. It is called. I cant remember. Something exotic that tasted too good. Also we went to the home a new member and were teaching here and then from her apron, a baby duckling jumped out. Que en el mundo. She picked it up and I (with horrific spanish) asked if I could hold her duck. She put it in my hands and then told me it had been born 9 hours earlier. Oh how cute this animalito was. What adventures I am having.

As for P-Day today. Nothing new. We went to the institute. We played a game called trompo. I will explain them when I get back in two years. pff.

I hit 3 months on the mission this week. Holla at your brother. To celebrate we had cake. But I told the pension to wait a day because I wanted to wait for Kenzies birthday.

I have a new sobrina. I, just today, saw another young infant of 6 weeks and thought. Oh I could be home right now holding my neice. But the Lord needs me here, so I can wait.

One thing I would like to make note that you guys recognize is the change missionaries can bring to the lives of others. This change only comes through the spirit, but what a calling it is to bring this spirt to others. This week we tried to get in contact with the family who was married last week. We knocked their door every night (which I may add is the coldest part of our area, It is so freakin cold there, I didnt know Peru could be cold). We never found them until yesterday. The let us in and immediately offered us some top romen and popcorn. This was their dinner. This family has nothing. The dad earns maybe 50 soles daily. The mom a lot less. Super humble this family. But they offered us their food. Then we started to talk. Rosa (the wife) told us how the neighbors have been saying how crazy she is to be married, but she responds with she is simply following the commandments. What gold she is. Then she informed us that she had sent into to Centro (the only place in all of chiclayo to buy anything) to get longer dresses that she can wear to church… When we found this family, she was wearing dresses shorter than Betty White (who apparently died this week RIP in terrestrial glory) and had minimal interest in our message. 8 weeks later, they are married, striving to follow the standards set by this Gospel, are undescribably excited to hear the words of a living prophet, and set to be baptized only with the goal of the temple in mind.

I can testify this Gospel changes people. I am blessed to have a front row seat (along with Cam, Spencer, Germaine, Abby and all the others in this Army) to see the work of the Lord rescue his sheep. What a blessing my mission is. I dont ever ever want you to think I dont enjoy my mission. There are moments when my companion and I dont get along, but never for half a second would I ever want to leave the mission. I love it here. I love peru. I love the food. I love emailing you guys. I love my blessings right now. I love it.

I love you guys and the support I get, without fail, every week.

Con Amor

Elder Kasteler



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