White Kid in Peru. I played basketball today.

I actually dont know how many weeks I have been here. But I know that I love my mission.

Also everyone welcome Sister McConkie to this weeks letter. Also to Cam and Spencer, I am sorry if you dont like recieving this letter. Let me know and I will erase your names from my life.

So this week was pretty chill. Nothing really incredible happened. Like nothing really at all.

I was a witness to a wedding this week. So I got to travel to a park and sign a paper with my fingerprint. So that was cool, but actually the sun was blaring and it was not cool at all. But it was cool to see this awkward couple be married solely for time so they can hopefully later be married for eternity. Oh golden.

We had more rice this week. So nothing new there.

I was blessed today. We had cheeseburgers delivered for lunch. Blessings are real when we seek them. We also played basketball as a District with our new Zone leaders. Fun fun fun.

Oh ya I am officially (which actually is not official at all) secretary to the District Leader. Yay. My companion is district leader which basically means I get to lay in bed while he takes calls from the District. Hooray. No more responsibility.

I hope your schooling is going well all of you. Education is a gift from our Lord. Father I hope your work is chugging along without problems. Mother I hope you continually to raise your children in a manner that is pleasing to our Father who is in Heaven.

So nothing happened this week, or I dont really remember what happened. But here are a bunch of pictures.

To my friends.

Jackson, I hope all is well. Jesus loves you.

Spencer, I hope your showers get warm eventually, but know I feel the warmth of your heart.

Cam, I hope people stop breaking into your apartment. Also I hope that goat didnt do bad stuff to your stomach.

Abigail, YOU A FLIPPIN MISSIONARY!!!!!!!! I hope your mission is full of joy and I hope your learn the language.

So ya this week was alright. I have a memory of a peanut and cant remember what happened, but I liked it. sorry for the short letter.

I love you all a lot,

Elder Kasteler

Also check out this blog from a missionary in my district Elder Harper, he is probably the coolest ever and has more pictures of me. hehehe



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