Hey guys. Its me again. White Boy in Peru. Week (who knows…)

Hello all my wonderful and devout forced followers. I hope you are all healthy and well. Because this week has been a rough one for our toilet… because the pipe that connects the water broke. So ya.

This week was full of adventures. I bought some Chocolate, we had spaghetti, I remodeled an entire house by removing and replacing an entire roof all in the incredible time span in 15 minutes. And lets just say that Peru currently has a problem with people who practice witchcraft. So does anyone have an scriptures on this?

But nah in all seriousness this week was a good one. First of great news!

We were in the office and there sat my wonderful large yellow envelope with the virgin mary. Heck ya. In this darn computer I cant upload pictures. Ugh. But I got the package. I love the socks. I actually needed socks like those. I love the speaker. I use it a ton. the headphones are illegal on a mission so they have found permanent rest in my suitcase. Thanks though. The ties are killer. Shout out to new york. Also the tease of the 9/11 memorial was harsh. Haha no really I cant wait to go there one day. The talks are golden. I get the Liahona in english after begging with my Zone Leader so I had read the defy gravity one. But the multiple Dieter F. Uchdorf will suffice till conference. Which isnt until the 11 and 12 down here because there are elections. ugh. oh well. but seriously thank you for the package. I love it. Like christmas.

there were none. I live to see another transfer in San Jose Obrero with good old Elder Ricapa. Who will now become District Leader. Hoorah for added responsiblity on his part. I get none. Woop. Newbs arrive tomorrow. Turn up for the new homies.

Mitchell Obama visited us this week. How cool is that!!! No but really Sister Williams dropped by our spotless room to check it out, of course she came the day the toilet broke. But all is well.

I have officially witnessed the full process of getting married in Peru. Holy what a mess. The whole system is bunky down here. Many pointless signatures and useless garbage. But I am a witness which means my name will be on a marriage certificate for a family down here Holla.

I dont know if any of you remember an Elder Lalli or the Lalli family from bountiful but he is serving in this mission how crazy is that. Apparently there are 2 others from Bountiful as well. Mind boggling. But elder Lalli is going to be Assitant. Represent. He is super tall and when we ran into him at the office, it was good to see a familiar face.

A phrase they use down here. When nothing happens. This week was un poco no pasa nada. Things are really starting to slow down and I am starting to get the hold of this whole mission and spanish thing. One day.

I would like to formally appologize for the lack of images contained within this electronic-mail, due to the crazily formatted, all illegal souped up computers down here, I cannot open a image without deleting everything on my card so. Um nope.

I still show the picture of my family to almost everyone I meet. I love you guys so much and so does everyone in peru.

I am so grateful that the great Plan of Salvation allows us to all live happily ever after together in eternity. What a blessing. I love sharing this blessing with the People of San Jose Obrero.

Pray for me and I will pray for you twice as much. I love you all. Even spencer cam and jackson.

Until next Pday

allaos. ciao. con amor

Elder Kasteler


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