White Boy in Peru. Jose Obrero be hoppin. Week 5

Hello everybody,

This week has been quite average. But here are a few things I wish to convey to yall.

First Spencer hits the field this week. Moment of silence….


I have been teaching Family History like no bodies bees wax. Everyone is so excited to be able to find out who their grandparents are. Oh silly peruvians. Really though what a blessing family history is.


I am pretty sure that it rained for 12 straight hours. Not just rain, down pour. Every street is flooded with 2 feet of mud. Shout out to my Ecco shoes though because they have endured it well. Even though I had to clean them for almost an hour.


this whole number system is boring. so no mas


We had captain crunch for dinner a bunch of nights this week. The taste of America. The taste of freedom. The taste of blessings. I almost cried. But sadly the box is empty as is my heart.


Why is no one married down here. They litterally have a huge family but are not married. Our work has been to get people married so we can baptize them, then take them to the temple. But as of yet, none of this has happened. So before I have any success of baptisms, I will tell you about how many people I marry.


This next tuesday may be my last day with Elder Ricapa. Cambios… But seriously he is such a killer companion. I hope they let him stay.


I hit the one month in the field mark on the 12th. Woohoo. We had cake and cereal. I feel like I have been here much longer than a month though. Much longer. I havent even hit three months yet. I love being new though. I can get away with anything as a newb. So as for now we will keep it up.


My lessons have been pretty killer this week. The spirit has been incredible. Our investigators have litterally asked such inspired questions. We will be teaching something and they will have such a good question that is super spiritual and I love helping them find an answer.

We teach the importance of baptism and our investigator completely unconditionally agrees that baptism is a commitment and they want to be fully ready before we baptize them.

I dont know if I have told you the story of Duber yet. Duber is one of our investigators who one night, as we walked home, he approaches us in the street and said he wanted us to teach him about the Gospel. We thought he was probably drunk and didnt know what he was talking about.

When we went to teach him, he was waiting for us. And as if that wasnt a miracle enough. He invited his family over to listen to the palabra de dios. Holy cow the hand of Heavenly Father is heavily involved in this work. We are now teaching Duber, his family, and one of his friends named Elvis, and they are progressing well. We hope they will be baptized sometime next month. Miracles are real my friends.

So nothing really incredible happened this week. But it was good.

Also bad news. For P¡Day we cant leave our area. Which means I am stuck in San Jose Obrero for six months. Never leaving. Never going to eat a cheeseburger, never going to modelo. Sad sad.

To cheer you guys up from this horrific tragedy, here are some fun pictures.

also I have promised to make cookies for a member family. Please send a recipe soon.

Also we had donuts and a ward mission night. holla.

Love you all to death

Te Amo todos hasta muerte

Elder Kasteler

IMG_5174 IMG_5176 IMG_5188 IMG_5194


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