Oh what a wonderful world we live in. Week 4 of The Adventures

Look at this world. Isnt it neat. Would you think that this garbage under feet is wonderful. Well it is. Chiclayo is dirty but all is well.

This week was a swell one if you ask me. Nothing really insane happened but it was a still a good week in the service of the Lord. We encountered a family of two old sweet peruvian grandpas and a nice man named Florintino. All such wonderful people. We met them on Wednesday and they came with us to Church on Sunday. The spirit is real my friends.

I also came across my first Testigo De Jehovah or Jehovahs Witness. Man they thing they got it all figured out. They are nice people but it is funny how they will just never ever come to accept our doctrine. Oh well. He was nice none the less

The Warm showers every morning and such a wonderful blessing. en serio. I love waking up to a nice shower and the morning is so much better this way. I love the talks and I love the iPod. I am ten times more grateful for the things I have out here because they are such a blessing.

As for the obra. We are still looking at zero baptisms. The hermanas in the ward next door have three. ugh. But we are looking into a whole bunch more of matrimonios for the people here. That is the first step to an eternal family.

This week my spanish is struggling. Everyone keeps telling me that they understand me but I will not settle. A veces hay personas que todavia make fun of me. And I dont like it one bit.

This week I was asked to bear a testimony with two others who are going home after this transfer. Apparently it was powerful or something like that and they liked it I guess. Probably one of the most spiritual experiences I have had my whole mission.

We started teaching family history this week. Man I love family history. did you know we have 11 pioneer ancestors. Holy cow. I found that out this week. The people here are so anxious to begin to find out who their grandparents are. I love it.

Padres I am glad to hear you enjoyed new york. Kenz you can do  it. Tyson. Good for you. Brandon and Jess. Thank you for the blog. It is killer and thank you for the workout advice. Brittany and Pete. For reals when will you have this baby of yours.

Anyway read your scriptures. Love the Lord. Go to church. Attend the Temple.

Here are some pictures.

This is my district. They are a golden bunch of blessed souls. Sorry the picture is feo but it works.

IMG_5150 IMG_5144
I am loving it here. Every day I never want to leave. I had a nightmare about the end of my mission and coming home. I dont think I want to ever leave.

I love you all

Elder Kasteler


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