September 1, 2014 – Hey Kids. I am still living. Mission Week 3.

Esta carta es solo en espanol.

Nah. I lie.

How is everyone doing?¿ I hope you are all swell. This week was a cool one. First things first… I GOT THE PACKAGE! Holy yes I got the package. This Tuesday the Zone leaders informed me that I got it. That is only 11 days. Tan rapido. I love everything in it. My favorite part is probably the Eagleridge Tshirt. I wear it often. Also everyone in my zone loved the pictures of my family, I shared my tootsie rolls, and they all asked if my mom is Catholic. Sadly however there was a casualty. The speaker didnt make it. Oh well. All is well.

WE GOT HOT WATER! Hallejuha yes. We got hot water installed this week. We use a sketchy device that is just a basically an upside down iron that the water runs over. But my showers are no longer freezing. Yes.

EVERYONE LOVES YOU GUYS! Almost every time I teach the Plan of Salvation I show the investigator a picture of my family and say how excited I am that I get to spend eternity with you hooligans. Everyone loves you.

I HAD SOME NEAT EXPERIENCES! I baptized 2000 people. Nah. but really. We did intercambios this week which means I had a different companion for a day. Well at the end of the day he forgot the keys to the room, so we had to take a taxi back to my apartment. Turns out we talked with the taxi driver for almost an hour about the Gospel and he asked so many golden questions. miracle Then one day i was walking down the street and saw an old man who had a stunning mustache and wearing converse. In that moment I wanted to talk to this dapper gentleman. But we walked on by. Only to find out the next day we knock his door randomly and they let us in and we taught them!!!! it is amazing. miracles. Then just today I wanted to buy eye drops because my eyes itch. We contacted the pharmacist and talked for like 20 minutes. We were lead to all of these super cool people. miracles man.

(this keyboard is broken)

ELDER KASTELER, WHAT DO YOU DO DAY 2 DAY¿ great question. I find families, who are never ever married yet have four kids. Our goal is right now not to baptize but hunt down birth certificates, which no one has, to marry then baptize. We also work very closely with the youth of the ward because there are far more youth than adults here. yep

Thanks again for the package seriously.

MY COMPANION WANTS TO GO TO UTAH.  We talk so often about temple square and how bad he wants to go there and take the free bus from the airport to temple square. He is so eager and we take it so for granted.

MOTAB AND PRIMARY. Every day baby. every day.

YO ESTOY ENFERMO. I have had a cold pretty much this whole time. ugh. Oh well

MOM AND DAD: How was new york? I hope you guys enjoyed it. I am jealous for real.

BRANDON AND JESS: Your emails are awesome. I read them all, I just dont always have time to respond. I love them though. Also how is the website? and Brandon. I have 15 minutes every morning to work out and no weights. What to do?

BRITT AND PETE: Have your gash darn baby already

KENZIE AND TYSON: I hope you enjoyed your first week of school. I kind of miss high school. I am excited for you both. Live up to my legacy. ha.ha.

I think that is all.

No new stuff this week. No baptism, No I am not zone leader like spencer. No my window is not broken in my room like cam. No I dont see Germaine every day like frippin spencer. And I dont have a car like Ryan.

WE also had an elder sleepover this week. weeee! I am reading this book for five year olds called Coquito it rocks. But I do have a good time. I am doing swell. Have a good week.

I love you all

Elder Kasteler

IMG_5133[1] IMG_5136[1] IMG_5118[1]



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