August 25, 2014 – This week on “The Adventures of a White Kid in Peru” Week Dos en Campo

Hola familia.

I hope all is swell with yall. This week was a heck of a lot better. But still no walk in the park.


We went contacting this week. My companion hates it but I surprisingly love it. We didnt get any doors slammed in our face and actually talked with an older couple about Christ. How golden the people are here.


He speaks no flippin english. What am I going to do. Probably have to learn spanish now. Ugh. No in all seriousness it is a blessing and a curse to have a spanish companion. He does all the work for me. Which is hard. But I am learning at three times the pace as all the others in my area. He is a gordito who litterally has ripped his pants every day this week. Haha. He also gives me crap when I have a lot of laundry or want to buy something. Oh well.



Here is a picture of our view from our fourth floor bachelor pad. It is I am pretty sure the biggest room in the mission. With the crappiest bathroom too. The showers are soo cold. I also havent found carpet yet anywhere in the entire mission. But ya there is that for your enjoyment.


Man this city is dirty, doggy, and ugly. It is super hot in the middle of the day and super cold in the mornings and nights. I sleep in a jacket and pants. I never did that back home. But I am getting used to it. Super slowly. But ya this place is just straightforward a crap city. And I still find ways to love the rivers of garbage.


All in spanish. I bore my testimony. We had almost all of our investigators come with us. Man it was a cool feeling. Also they dont feel obligated to show up to church with nice clothes. Because they dont have any. The ward doesnt help much with the work, but oh well. They are all super nice though.

This week was better. Last week sucked. But this one was better. Today we just chilled around. Cooked food a little bit. It was pretty cool. We played soccer with our zone. They are all pretty much latinos and super nice. I love them all.

This week we also did a service project where we helped the Hermanas in our district move. Here is a picture for your pleasure and enjoyment. sorry only my eyebrows are in it.


Que mas. My spanish is coming along poco a poco. But it is improving.

Dad. Thanks for your letter again it really helped.

Mom. I love how many emails I get from you. Sorry if I dont respond to all of them but know I read everyone of them twice. And am going to print them out. Also no sign of a package yet. just a fyi.

Brandon. Thanks for you email.

Jess. Thanks for your pictures last week. I love them all and am going to download them to my card to stare at.

Peter. Su carta me ayuda mucho y yo estoy muy agradecido para usted y su esposa.

Brittany. Thanks for being pregnant. Send pics of the baby when you have her.

Kenzie. Good luck with high school. Sorry my responses to your emails are so short. Keep writing. I love reading. And sorry no selfies this week….

Tyson. You bought an iPhone. Congrats my homie. I hope all is well.

Hunter. goo ga goo gah. (i hope your teeth come in straight and without pain)

Cooper. You are far cuter than any dog here. (family give coop a puperoni for me)

Oh also awesome information for you wonderful people. My companion today told me that every week we write from 4 to 5 here time. Which is 3 to 4 there. Also I have been able to convince him of 30 extra minutes the past two times. So a lot less Elder I have no time.

Send more emails about your life please. I had 21 emails today. I love it.

As far as my mission. We are looking at around somewhere around 10 baptisms over the next two or three months. We will see though. The people here are so awesome. They have a little bit of a problem with staying active. But the ward is young.

I dont want you to send another package for a long time but possibly next time I wouldnt mind…

A USB with all sorts of mormon messages or videos. We are allowed to watch them and use them to teach.

A couple Liahona magazines in english.

Nothing more.

Stay golden each and every one of you. Sorry that I am constantly asking to send this, change that, do this do that. I will stop now. Gracias.

I love you all so much.

Elder Kasteler


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