August 6, 2014 – Final Week in the CCM

What up homies.

Hope you are all doing swell. Because I am killing it down here. No not really. I just learn lots of stuff everyday and then eat food. So ya its pretty cool.

since I last wrote you guys nothing cool has happened. We have just been working hard everyday practicing our lessons and goofing off as a district. Elder Dykstra won survivor. He is such a cool dude. Since this is the last P day from the CCM and I have nothing else to write about I will tell you what I have learned.

1. Lima is a dirty yet cool and massive city. La Molina. where the MTC is, is super nice

2. The food in the CCM is extremely American and consists of every day a super load of rice and lots of rolls, which they have ones that taste like granite bakery almost

3. my district is so cool. I love them to death and am so sad to be saying goodbye to them because I have seen them everyday but will see them hardly ever in the field. Even thouogh they are all going to Chiclayo except Hermana Davis.

4. The people in Peru are too nice. We watched a video called Unto All the World about peru. If you guys google it you can see What Lima looks like. Its awesome.

5. My teachers here a so cool. One like I said is a Peruvian Mr. bean and the other knows no English and tries to speak it and it is so funny

6. My sense of humor has gone down the drain

7. I have no music the CCM.

8. I have almost written you guys 6 times now. Crazy.

9. I hate sharing bathrooms but have gotten used to it.

10. I love Peru.

Seriously the CCM has been so awesome but now it is time for the big leagues. Which I dont feel ready for. at all. But oh well. Whom the Lord calls he Qualifies. I just got to put in a ton more work. It will come

Also I have realized my email content and grammar and spelling and sentence structure have gone down the toilet. oh well. I quite frankly love it.

And we had an Area seventy come and talk to us about how the work is going. Crazy cool fun fact for you all. Peru is one of only FOUR countries to have 100 stakes. US, Brazil, Mexico and now Peru. It is hoppin down here. They said baptisms are not hard at all. Reactivation and Enduring to the end is what we will focus on. They referred to us as Missionary 2.0. Apparently I will stick with investigators for up to a year after baptism to keep them active. I love it so much.

Now is the part where I ask for a little suggestive help.

Next week I will be in the feild which means I will write every Monday. Just FYI

Dad let me know if you get charged a fee for international credit card use on the AMEX it is all I have been using to shop down here and I have spent maybe 45 us dollars. Or more. I dont know but I have been keeping receipts.

I love emails. Send more.

I want more pictures of you guys and your life. Kenz send some snapchats or something. Take more pictures. Send me more pictures. Mom and Dad you have cameras on your phones that you can take a picture and send it to me immediately. I would not be offended if you did so.

Tyson write me boy. I gots some stuff to tell ya.

I bought a present for hunter today. Oh joy.

Keep me up to date about eagleridge. I am seriously devasated to hear that and holy cow that was the entire mountain that fell down. Tell brad I am so darn sad. Like I cant begin to describe. Muchismo tristeisisisisisimo.

More pictures.

If you hear anywords from my friends forward me their emails porfavor. I just added Spencer and Cam to the weekly list. Woohoo. Congrats bros. Correction Elders.

More pictures.

Oh ya and more pictures please. I miss seeing your bright smiling faces. I wake up and before I start study I just stare at pictures of you guys before we left. (Thank you eternally mom for making us get those pictures before I left)

Also a hermana in my district has a brilliant plan. I would love it if you guys compiled a whole bunch load of talks and stuff and basic church stuff, printed it all out, and then took it to Kinkos and have them spiral bind it and send it down. She reads it every day. I would love that so much.

I love you guys so much. Pray for you at least 5 times a day. I feel your prayers working. Stay together. Love one another. I will write you from el campo. I fly out Tuesday morning super early.

Peace love and blessings.

Your favorite Elder

Elder Kasteler

IMG_5070 IMG_5073


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