July 29, 2014

So I have no time today. Once again but some cool things happened this week.

First I was able to successfully guide a new group of missionaries to the temple. hooray me.

second. I went proselyting in a super poor area and talked to a drunk man. A young family, and a man and his kid. The only success was with the Man and the kid who said they would go to church manana. Que bueno. so that was cool.

Thirds. I know yall are sick of this no time nonsense. I am too. But I know that if we are all a little more patient the CCM will probably still not get their act together. Oh well though because in all honesty The Lord will provide a way he wants me to obey.

Fourth. I gave a blessing. Holy hannah. This hermana in my district was feeling uber sick before we were about to go on our field trip (see next point) and she said she wanted a blessing from someone in our district. So at that point my stomach dropped hoping she wouldnt pick me. Well she did. And I gave the blessing. And it was awesome. Because the priesthood is incredible. Remember that.

Fifth. I got to go to Caral today. a 5000 year old city. It was actually flippin fun. That is sad when that is so fun for a missionary. But it was chill. Lots of ruins and stuff. All the fun things. I got tons of pictures so next week will be a barrage of em. Lots of selfies kenz. Heck yes.

Sixth. Peruvian independence day was so boring down here. The food was normal except the people who serve the food wore flags. They just dont know how to go hard in peru i guess. It is just the way the cookie tumbles. That is not at all the way the saying goes.

my health is well. I have established a routine every night. It is working well. I am just hecka gasy.

My district is killer. Dad will be happy to know we play survivor. Which is probably not necessarily in accordance with the rules. But we joking vote a person of each day and get all into it but ironically it has brought our district so close together it is so weird. I got voted off yesterday. But i almost made it to the finals with is tomorrow.

I took a ton of pictures today and last week which I am just so excited to share con ustedes pero no hay tiempo ahora. que triste.

So ya that was this week. And it was fun. And I am now officially the equivalent of a CCM Senior. No longer a junior. Turn up.

The work is swell. Dont eat the Taco Bell.

I appolagize for all my spelling errors and lack luster emails but I just have to go wash my clothes and there are a ton of other missionaries who havent written their families yet and they are giving me puppy eyes. Like cooper. Oh heck I miss cooper so bad. The dogs down here arent nearly as cuddly.

As they teach us down here. Stick together. Siempre juntos. Families exist for a reason. I pray for you daily. I brag about you guys to my district. They are all dying to meet you one day.I invited them over for Dinner in 2 years. So ya.

Oh gosh I love you guys. I invent reasons to pray just so I can pray for you guys. I sometimes bless the food three times. And I sometimes spend half of study just praying and thanking about yall. Stay golden familia. Because families can be together forever through heavenly fathers plan. yo se que este cosa es muy verdadera.

I will write you who knows when but until then.

I love you all to death.

-Elder Kasteler


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