E-Mail #1 – Wednesday July 9th

Holy holy. I made it to the MTC.
It is so nice down here. And believe it or not it is actually cold most days. I have seen the sun once… we study outside ever day. It is good down here.
They only give me 45 minutes to write you guys and I have actually a surprising amount of emails to read and respond to. I feel so loved. jajaja
I also learned how to type in Español. It is not working right now though. Anywho. I am pretty new at this whole email thing so let me just let yall know how the week has gone.
We got into the MTC or CCM down here at about 2:30 in the morning. I was so tired and the air was so humid. It was crazy. I went up to my room with my companion Elder Eaton. and we got into our room which has 6 beds. It is about half the size of my room at home. There is us two. Another companionship from Utah and two latinos from Colombia and Boliva. They are so funny I cant even begin to tell you. Like for real they are crazy. That is the only word they know how to say in English.
So we woke up the next day and sat through a ton of lectures and stuff in Español. Flew right over my head. Most of us here have taken a spanish class but it flew over all of us. Also most of us are from Utah. There are about 75 north americans in our group and 40 latinos here. Everyone who is going to Chiclayo either came down with us or comes for the last two weeks if they are fluent.
Everyday we sit through classes, my teachers are so funny and spiritual. My district is so funny. I cried yesterday for the first time in the CCM because Elder Banks in our district, who literally personafies every attribute of Dwight from the office. (Brandon get a picture for the parents). I just love it here. I feel too rushed to try to write too much detail but I will try my hardest.
So classes are good. I learn mucho espanish. For sure not fluent yet. Everyday we do plenty of studying outside on our own. I usually just read here or there form precidad mi evangelio. Our district set a goal to read one chapter from the book of Mormon and then when we all get together we share what we learned. It is so spiritual. Really it invites the spirit into the rest of our day.
The food here is so different and so good. I would have never chosen to eat it only a week ago. I have only been here one week. It is so crazy how long this week was. Mas largo. Anywhodidly the food is good. They give me so much. I have to finish every plate or else it is super disrespectful. They dont even have garbage cans in the Cafeteria because you are supposed to turn in your trays with clean plates. But the food is good. As for how it is passing through my body. It hasnt. I let you do the math. You know what I mean.
Anyway physical activity everday. I really wish I would have brought more t-shirts. without logos. I feel so targeted because all of my shirts have stuff on them and I guess I was never informed that they couldnt. Woops. Also the shirt that I am wearing right now for P-day is apparently too trendy. Woops. Oh ya I though p-Day was on Monday. I have it every Thursday. I get on the computadora at 12:30 here time so 11:30 there. I have 45 minutes on, then i go change my wash, then i have 15 mas. They do not give us enough time here. I am being rushed everyway. Oh ya physical activity shucks. I have just played frisby and foosball everyday. No Soccer. Ay. But ya.
This place seems to really be lacking in organization. Really. Like I just get rushed around every where and no one tells us what to do. ugh. Drives me nuts. I needs some organization. But oh well what are you gonna do.
Okay so today is the only Day i can really remember anything.
We woke up at 5:30. Got ready. Got cereal for breakfast, which isnt cereal down here. I don`t know what it is. Had food for breakfast. Drank some juice. Drank. Every meal down here is served con Jugo. Fresh juice they literally just squeezed and its real too. They have apple, melon, banana, mango, and tons of other fruit I can`t even spell. Grandadias, not to be confused with gonorhea. my roomate calls them that.
So breakfast get on a suit and get a huge group of white boys and some hermanas and go to the gates of the compound. They were not joking that this place is a prison. No one leaves. They say that the only difference between the CCM and Prison is that you voluntarily come to the CCM and you can have visitors in Prison. They are right. But we got to leave for the temple. Oh what an experience that was. Todo en espanol. They gave us headsets that translated it. And it was cool. Small temple though. In the celestial room I thought about how awesome Eternity is. I am so grateful I get to spend it with you guys. Temples are awesome. When we first got here they let us know that the temple is the House of The Lord. The CCM is the House of the Spirit. I agree.
Now the mushy spiritual stuff. I am changing. *que Brandon making some joke about puberty* I dont feel like if I came home now I would be different. Still corbs. But I feel like my priorities have been leveled out, not rearranged. Life is simple down here. I learn like a child. I meet new people daily. We all have the same purpose. I get to learn how to walk and talk again. It is grand. I love seeing myself in this way. Still lack a certain level of dedication, still need more motivation and still have plenty to learn, but this Gospel is about progress and improvement. I love it.
So anway I am pretty much out of time because I have a lot of letters to read.
I love every one of you to death. Even cooper. I miss him too. I actually havent been homesick yet. Everything is still getting settled down.
I love you all so much. Gracias por ustedes orarciones.
-Elder Kasteler.

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